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Original photo album
Memorable ball, decorated with photos of people and events important for you, keeps the warmth of memories.
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Birthday gift
A gift that will attract attention on any birthday! Can be drawn up with wishes, photos, images, indicating who was ordered and for whom.
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Gift for a professional holiday
Registration in the professional style, personal wishes, can be without photos.
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Corporate attributes
Gifts to partners, employees, managers from collectives. Style of design with the symbolics and activities of the customer's company.
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Event Ball
It is dedicated to events, conferences and other similar events. Can serve as a symbol of events, contain information about the event and participants.
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Best Fan Ball
A personal ball with the image of the members of the football team and the fan. It is produced by orders of clubs (and their fan shops) within the framework of concluded contracts.
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Retro ball
Authentic balls, exact copies of the official balls of the world championships 1930-1966.
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Reward balls
Serve as a trophy or prize for various kinds of competitions, can be personal.
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Collection Series
Limited series of balls, produced with football clubs and dedicated to the landmark events in their lives. They are kept in the museums of football clubs, are given to their friends, sold through SouvenirBall and fan shops.
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Museum Balls
Luxury series in duplicate, one is handed to the nominee, second is stored in the SouvenirBall Dedicated to the legendary sports figures and outstanding public figures (showmen, science, business, etc.)
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Ball of your brand
Image ball for promotional purposes: draws, bonuses, gifts within the framework of loyalty programs.
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Political advertising
Branded ball for use in election campaigns.
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Baby balls
Children's balls with ABCs, on the theme of your favourite games and heroes.
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Souvenir balls
Tourist souvenirs, representative gifts, congratulations on the calendar holidays.
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Stylish accessory
A great way to emphasize your style in detail and be the focus.
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How do we produce exclusive balls?

Managers carefully collect the customer's wishes and prepare the terms of reference.
Designers develop a model, which is then approved by the сustomer.
From carefully selected raw materials 5 layers of the substrate and the original carving are glued together.
Each segment is individually printed with high-quality full-color printing
Manual stitching, which requires special reliability and jewelry accuracy for the coincidence of details of images of different segments.
Shrinkage of the material to achieve an absolutely round shape. Testing and quality control
Specially designed branded packaging and delivery of the ball to the customer.

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We have been producing balls since 1926
Only the best, proven materials
Unique technologies of image printing
Exceptional quality of manual work by experienced proffessionals
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