What are the balls made of?
The best material for today is polyurethane.

Is it possible to play these balls in football?
Yes, our company produces only gaming balls

What are terms of manufacturing?
5 days from the moment of approval of the layout

Provision of guarantee?
1 year for the seams

How many layers at the ball?
5 layers of synthetic substrate

Can I bring my ball?
No, Because high-quality images can be printed on each slab separately, before cross-linking

How many segments are there on the standard ball?
32 segments

Does the ball come in a pocketed state?
Yes, This is included in the cost of the ball

What is the camera material?

What kind of seam is used?
Neck joint

Is there a ball only from pentagons?
Yes, Number 0 (12 pentagons)

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