Guarantees and services

Each ball passes a series of tests, including weight control

Ability to keep a round shape



Moisture absorption


Weight control

warranty for seams 1 year

The ball will last longer,
if you follow simple tips from SouvenirBall

1.Carefully follow the pressure of the ball: it is written on each ball and can be different

2.Blow off the ball to ease tension on the joints and panels, let the panels “rest” after the game. The ball, which is constantly pumped, wears out more quickly.

3. It is important to pump the ball with a clean needle with grease, for example with glycerine, so as not to damage the inside surface of the ball valve and not to leave a burr or some grains of sand in it. In addition, the grease further seals the valve.

4.At low temperatures, the ball should be taken out to freeze dry, and after the game should be carefully wiped and put dry in a warm place.

5.On account of the long impact of direct sunlight images can burn out with time.

6.Avoid prolonged contact with water, this will worsen the strength of the joints.

step 1 – Find the panel with the nipple, take the ball behind this panel, straighten it in the direction from the nipple and shake it so that the camera is freely positioned in the middle.

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step 2 – Apply 1-2 drops of silicone grease to the nipple or needle hole. If there is no special lubricant, be sure to wet the needle. Lubrication of the needle is necessary to prevent damage and drying of the internal surface of the valve and, as a consequence, ball pressure loss.

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step 3 -Take the ball for the panel in which the nipple is located, carefully insert the needle into the hole and pump the ball to a pressure value of 0.6-1.1 atmosphere.

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step 4 – Watch for pressure on the pressure gauge during inflation.


Excessive inflation of the ball leads to loss of shape, deterioration of technical characteristics, possible rupture of the camera, outer material or seams. By virtue of their design, the balls can eventually release air. This can be easily eliminated by swapping the ball. For reference, the requirement to maintain pressure, presented by FIFA to the match balls – 72 hours. During inflation of the fully deflated ball, some air can escape through the seams. This is the air that was between the camera and the outer material of the ball.

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